What's a Doula?

As a birth doula, I provide emotional and physical support to you during your labor and delivery to help you achieve the safe and satisfying birth experience you desire.  I am also there to help facilitate communication with the medical staff to ensure that you have the information you need to make informed decisions regarding your birth experience.

I will provide non-medical comfort techniques to help soothe your muscles and ease your body through birth, including massage, counter pressure, positional changes and suggestions on how to maintain a positive birth atmosphere.  A relaxed body and positive atmosphere provide the perfect environment for smooth labor progress.

I am independedent and self-employed, therefore, I am working solely for YOU, not your caregiver or place of birth.


  • Support your personal decisions.

  • Provide physical support through comfort techniques that may ease pain & speed the labor process.

  • Remind you of your plan and your options throughout your labor to help you speak up about your care when needed and desired.

  • Guide you to information to help you make informed decisions about your care.

  • Discuss your fears and help alleviate them.

  • Help you establish a birth plan.



  • Judge your personal decisions.

  • Provide medical care or advice.

  • Make decisions for you or your family.

  • Speak on your behalf.

  • Guarantee any specific birth outcome.


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